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The Band

The Thrift Shop Cowboys are an "old school" acoustic duo that brings forward elements of past great performers, and mixes them into an extensive contemporary song list. From George Gerschwin to George Jones, the boys have purloined the spirit of Americana and channeled it through their unique mix of banjo and bass, two instruments that go together like coffee and cherry pie. 


The Cowboys can enliven anything from a backyard barbeque to your corporate event. Covering everything from Carmichael to Cobain, they place a spin or twist that is guaranteed to raise a smile.


The man choking the banjo neck is Niko, nicknamed "The Human Juke Box" - he is capable of running nearly any song through his musical mix master, and serving up a fully cooked cake, ready for public consumption. With a voice that conjures up visions of Victorian canoe rides, he is definitely a favorite with the ladies.


Bassmeister Warren, nicknamed "The Big Show" spreads his musical icing on the banjo baked cake. A hefty voice, instrument and body contribute to his larger than life persona. Specializing in early country, rock, and soul, he brings Cash, Williams, and Wolf to life. On occasion he may even be coerced into wailing plaintively on his vintage "French Harp".

If required, the Cowboys have access to other fine musicians to provide a bigger sound for a bigger event.


Different, exciting, funny, entertaining and thrifty are a few adjectives bandied about when talk of "the boys" comes up in the finer salons about town. If you would like to enjoy the experience of a sound both unique and easy on the ears, then consider booking The Thrift Shop Cowboys for your next party, wedding, or corporate event.

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